How to search for and find code in Bloggers HTML Editor

I get many comments and emails from readers saying that they are not able to find a certain code in the new HTML editor. The code is present in all of Bloggers default templates, it may look a little different depending on what template you are using and what changes you have made but it is there. Blogger updated it’s editor to include some new features and unless you are used to it, it can be confusing. This post will hopefully help to clear up some queries and confusion.

  1. On the Dashboard, click Template/Theme > Edit HTML
  2. Click within the HTML box on the first line
  3. Press CTRL F on a PC or CMD F on an Apple. A search window will appear in the HTML editor in the right upper hand corner. Use this to find pieces of code.
  4. Typically I give you a the whole line such as </b:skin> or <div class="post-header-line-1"> instead of trying to search for it all, take the main keyword such as b:skin and find the one mentioned.
  5. Once you have typed the code into the search bar, hit enter to find the code. Hitting enter multiple times will find each time the code is used.

A browsers own search function may not work in the HTML editor, so it is necessary to click into the editor first. It searches from top to bottom so make sure you click on the first line of code. Use the numbering on the left to make sure you’ve gotten the right code. If you are still struggling to find code in your editor, check out the posts below.

How do I find the CSS Section and ]]> </b:skin> in my template?

When you click Template/Theme > Edit HTML and first open the editor you’ll see <b:skin> ... </b:skin>, this is your style or CSS section. Click the arrow on the left to expand and scroll down through your CSS until you come to the closing tag ]]> </b:skin>.

The line it’s on will depend on the type of template you have (Default Blogger or custom coded theme) and how much you’ve customised it yourself or altered code. The closing ]]> </b:skin> tag is right above <b:template-skin>.

Check out the post on Understanding CSS in Blogger and Using Bloggers new HTML Editor for more information.

Where is the HTML section of my blog

The CSS section controls the style of your blog design, but the HTML section controls the structure and content. Click Template/Theme > Edit HTML and find <body>. As mentioned above, you may need to search for only part of the word (like <body) as your body tag may have other attributes. This is the start of your template markup which is where your structure and content is. You may need to click the arrow on the left to expand the code.


wow thank you so much , i didn’t knew about CTRL+F and i wasted so much time to improving my blog. Thanks again , really helps me as im still working on my blog appearance.

Thank you so much for this. I’m sure coders would laugh at me, but I don’t know html very well, and Control F in the edit box was a huge time saver for me. I will definitely check out more of your site.

This is a very useful website. This article is really helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this great knowledge.