Elaine Malone on the red carpet at the Blogosphere Awards

Your blog’s best friend

👋 Hello, I’m Elaine. I’m a designer, developer and content creator dedicated to making beautiful sites that function.

I’m also Creative Director at Blogosphere, a media-tech company rooted in the world of digital influencers.

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    Welcome to XOmisse

    A full service design studio specialized in brand identity, web design and development. We love working with creative individuals and businesses from all over the world, and understand the importance of having a site that truly reflects you. Our goal is to make that happen by creating a beautiful functional space for your awesome content that helps you stand out from the crowd!

    Brand Identity

    Tell your unique story through a visual brand identity system with all the elements you need to grow your blog/business.

    Web Design

    Transition your fresh branding to the web in a strategic way that really represents you and promotes your best work.


    Ensure the best experience for you and your audience, by turning that beautiful design into a live functional design.

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