👋 Hi, I’m Elaine Malone

I’m a digital marketing strategist and the owner of XOmisse

I’m on a mission to make marketing manageable, by simplifying the tech-side to running an online business as an entrepreneur or content creator.

I’ve been creating content online for over a decade, so trust me – I know how important your platforms are!

I also understand how overwhelming it can be to market yourself with limited time, money and know-how.

❌ You don’t know how to grow your ideal audience

❌ You’re spending hours creating content that nobody sees

❌ And you don’t have the time to figure out the latest algorithm update

That’s where I come in…

I’m on a mission to make marketing more manageable for you as a small business owner, entrepreneur or content creator.

✅ You want content that engages your ideal audience

✅ You want a website that converts to sales

✅ And a marketing strategy you can manage (without burnout)

My goal is to arm you with everything you need to grow your business with confidence. No matter how design-esque or tech-savvy you are!

Ready to build your website, create better content, grow your audience and monetise your platforms?

XOmisse is a digital marketing agency that partners with creators and small business owners who want to show up consistently with their content, grow their online audience and diversify their income.


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Features and speaking:

  • My articles feature in over 20 issues of bCreator covering topics such as social media and SEO
  • I taught blog design and SEO at Blogtacular, and provided one-on-one advice on their Creative Genius Bar (2015-2018)
  • I’ve contributed articles, video trainings and ebooks to communities such as bCreator, Grow & Glow by Vix Meldrew and The Plus Collaborative

About Elaine Malone

My interest in digital marketing began when I started a personal blog in 2009. This passion led to me launching the XOmisse blog in May 2013 to help creators build blogs they loved. Through strategic content, it gained over 1 million unique page views within a year!

That same year I started interning at a digital marketing agency and writing for bCreator. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Creative Digital Media in 2014, I launched services on XOmisse by offering web design to creators.

After a move from Dublin to London in 2016, I joined the bCreator team as Creative Director and Head of Operations working on the magazine, podcast, events and tech platform. I stepped down from my role to return to education in August 2021, earning a Master of Science with Distinction in Digital Marketing Management from the University of Westminster in March 2022.

These days, I work with entrepreneurs to grow their online audiences and partner with other marketing agencies to deliver solutions to their clients. I also lecture at the University of West London.

I’m a learn-by-doing, sarcastic humoured type who single-handedly keeps Coca-Cola in business. I recently broke up with hustle culture, so I can often be found brunching with friends, exploring London, practicing yoga, reading personal development books and catching up on the latest TV series.

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