👋 Hi, I’m Elaine, the owner of XOmisse (xo·miss·e) 

I design, code and strategise for some amazing creatives (like you), publish weekly content for creators looking to grow their audience and drink a little too much caffeine.  

Currently working on:

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I’ve been creating content online for over a decade, so trust me – I know how important your website is!

My mission is to arm you with everything you need to grow your personal brand or business with confidence. No matter how design-esque or tech-savvy you are!

Ready to leap into full-time, enhance your visitor’s experience and grow your traffic? XOmisse is a digital strategy and development studio that partners with creative individuals and small businesses who are ready to make a great impression online.

I believe a site is more than just a pretty design. It should be organised, thought-out and goal-oriented. I understand how important it is to have a site that represents you and shows off what you do best. I believe content is equally as important. Great strategic content will bring your audience to you.

My services range from content strategy to web development. I primarily focus on the development of clean modern sites for WordPress and creating strategies to grow for your chosen niche that revolve around valuable content.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t invest in 1:1 services just yet, you’ll find easy to follow, step-by-step guides on my blog, social platforms and newsletter.

Blogosphere Issue 11 with Zoe Sugg, Zoella. Meet The Coders feature with XOmisse, pipdig and Nose Graze.
XOmisse - Blogosphere Issue 10 Shoot with Inthefrow and DippyWrites
Elaine Malone on the red carpet at the Blogosphere Awards

About Elaine Malone

My interest in web development and digital marketing began when I started a personal blog back in 2009. This passion led to me launching XOmisse in May 2013. Through strategic blogging and SEO, I reached over 1 million unique page views within 14 months!

That same year I started writing for Blogosphere (a media company focused on the influencer industry) and interned at a digital marketing and web design agency. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Creative Digital Media in 2014, I decided to jump straight into running my own business as a front-end developer.

In 2016, I moved from Dublin to London to join the Blogosphere team where I spent 5 years as the Creative Director and Head of Operations working on the print magazine, podcast, events and tech platform. Stepping down from my role in August 2021, I returned to education and earned a Master of Science with Distinction in Digital Marketing Management from the University of Westminster, London.

I’m a learn-by-doing, sarcastic humoured type who single-handedly keeps Coca-Cola in business. When I’m not working I can be found exploring London with friends, visiting family in Dublin and catching up on the latest TV show.

Features and speaking:

  • My articles feature in over 20 issues of Blogosphere covering topics like social media and influencer marketing
  • I taught DIY Blog Design at Blogtacular in 2015 and SEO in 2018
  • I provided one-on-one advice on the Creative Genius Bar at Blogtacular in 2016 and 2017
  • I’ve contributed articles and ebooks for The Plus Collaborative
  • I created a Glow your SEO training video and checklist for Grow & Glow

Core Values

  • Transparency – I pride myself on complete transparency, and will not recommend anything I don’t believe in.
  • Quality – I am committed to creating beautiful, simple to use, functional sites that focus on your user’s experience.
  • Goal oriented – I work strategically with clients to achieve a goal, instead of delivering cookie cutter solutions.
  • Value relationships – I believe that our work together is a collaboration, which is why I prefer building a long-term relationship with a handful of clients so we can work on growing your business throughout the years.
  • Friendly – My approach is to be helpful and accessible. I want to make sure you understand everything and feel like there are no silly questions. I love seeing you succeed, so I am here to guide you through the tech-side of running a blog or business.


  • To learn and teach – I want to share everything I know so that my readers can benefit from my experience, but also create a space where my audience can share too. So that we can all grow our online spaces together.
  • To create – I’m dedicated to creating content in one way or another everyday. I want to continue sharing free content that helps others.
  • To empower – I want to empower others, especially womxn, in this industry to build their own space and tackle the tech-side of running a blog or business.
  • To connect – To build an anti-racist, diverse and inclusive community of people who are kind and generous with their knowledge, time and resources and ensuring this is a safe space for everybody.
  • To grow – My mission is to allow you to easily manage your site and content while increasing traffic to your blog and sales in your business through strategic design and SEO services.

I am fully dedicated to supporting Black Lives Matter, pro-choice, LGBTQIA+, anti-bullying and domestic violence. This website, my social media platforms, community groups and email list is a safe and welcoming place for all. If you don’t share my values, then my platforms may not be for you.

Top photo – Blogtacular 2018 © Will Ireland