Blogger updates for an easier way to design your blog

Editing your blog is about to get a hell of a lot easier. Blogger has updated the Template HTML Editor – which I am delighted about! This post will give you an overview of the changes and discuss a little bit about the update. This makes me very happy and you should be too. This update will make it easier for you to update your blog and understand how your blog works.


Like any good HTML editor, you need source code line numbers to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. I will now include these in tutorials to help you find the proper code.

Error Highlight

Blogger used to tell you there was an error with your code, now they tell you where (with the line numbering system) so you can easily find it and fix it… or letting me know so I can assist you.

Syntax Color Code

You’ll now see a very colorful code, this will help you understand the structure and help you see if anything is missing or where the error is.

blogger updates edit html section

Code Folding Arrows

This feature allows you to show/hide certain code using the arrows by the line numbering. It nests certain areas together. You can focus on what part of the code you are editing, without feeling overwhelmed by other elements.

Jump To Widget

One of my favourite parts of the update! Now you have a drop down bar that will jump to the code for certain widgets. Again, making it much easier to find exactly what your looking for.


Auto indentation will help to structure your code and arrange it in a way that it is easy to follow. This is how most code is written to identify what elements have been opened & closed to save on errors.

New “Expand Widgets”

The Expand Widget checkbox has been replaced by “Format Template”. This is an important one to note as a lot of the time when editing, you are required to “expand widgets” in order to find code.

new edit html blogger

To see the changed for yourself head over to your blog and click Template > Edit HTML. It may take a little while to get used to, but this is definitely a huge improvement and it will make things a lot easier.

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2 responses to “Blogger updates for an easier way to design your blog”

  1. Johndas

    This is the only Blog that gives the basics of the New Blogger Interface. Great use for a newbie like me.This and the Post on CSS are both of great help in understanding Blogger Template basics. Continue the good work.

    1. Thank you 🙂 happy to help!

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