Instagram favour small creators, TikTok ban and Threads scheduling

Welcome back to another month and another ICYMI covering all of the latest social media news and updates.

There’s been a lot happening, so let’s dive straight in!

Instagram algorithm updates

Instagram users have collectively been complaining about the lack of reach lately.

Well, Adam Mosseri has announced some welcomed news – smaller, newer Instagram accounts will finally get more reach.

Yes, Instagram are updating their algorithms to prioritise original and emerging creators.

These new changes to its ranking algorithms should do a better job at highlighting content from smaller, original creators on the platform.

Historically, creators with large followings and those sharing reposted content got the most reach. This update will give all creators a chance by showing good content to a small audience that it thinks will enjoy it. As people engage, the content will then be shown to a wider audience.

Instagram are also going to reward and promote original content, over duplicated re-posted content.

This means replacing reposts with original content in recommendations, adding labels to reposted content and removing content aggregators from recommendations.

This will only happen in places where Instagram recommends posts, such as the explore page, Reels and in-feed recommendations. And Instagram note that it won’t replace content that has been significantly changed like memes or parody content.

Instagram experiments with more frames within Carousel Posts

Oooh, this is an interesting one. Instagram is experimenting with carousel posts, with some users being able to add up to 15 images instead of the regular 10 frame limit.


Instagram are currently testing this with a small group of people to gain feedback before deciding whether or not to move forward with the update.

And speaking of carousels, Instagram are also testing the option to comment on specific frames of a post by tagging @ and the number of the frame.

Threads tests side-swiping UI

Threads is testing a new UI feature that will enable you to swipe right to heart a post or swipe left to show disinterest. This will indicate the algorithm that you want to see more or less of this type of content in your feed.

Is TikTok getting banned in the US?

Can’t keep up with this story? I don’t blame you! Here’s a summary…

Questions have been raised in the USA about TikTok regarding data access.

The US Senate passed a bill which Biden signed in April, this gives ByteDance (the China-based parent company of TikTok) less than a year to either find new ownership for TikTok or be banned in the US.

How would it be banned? This law would force Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores, and other service providers would not be allowed to make TikTok available on browsers in the US.

TikTok is now suing the US government, calling it “unconstitutional” and arguing that a ban in the US wouldn’t be feasible.

We continue to watch this space!

Instagram tests Blend Feed

Instagram continues to test private engagement options with a new Blend Feed. This new feed between you and your friend will essentially recommend Reels based on what you’ve previously shared with each other.

Threads starting to allow scheduling

Threads has launched its live test of its API, which has enabled content scheduling in some third party apps.

There’s talk that it will be rolled out further by June so all scheduling apps will hopefully soon have access!

Instagram simplify search

Mosseri confirms that Instagram are simplifying the hashtag and search experience to make it easier.

I’ve previously mentioned my predictions for hashtags on social media platforms, and this looks like another step towards SEO being paramount on social media going forward.

Auto-archiving of Threads posts

Threads are testing an optional setting that would allow you to auto-archive your posts after a set time.

Mosseri explained that you will be able to manually archive posts to turn on an option that would allow posts to automatically be hidden after a certain period of time.

Other social media updates

See you next month!

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