How to backup your entire WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot blog

We all know how many hours go into creating the “perfect” blog. We also know how annoying and frustrating it can be when something crashes, fails to save or gets deleted.

Imagine if one day poof your blog was gone – hacked, deleted or corrupted!

It is so important to backup your blog on a regular basis and I always advise to backup your theme before editing code so that you have something to fall back on.

Todays tutorial is a very simple one but hopefully it will remind you to create a backup right now incase anything ever goes wrong.

How to backup your self-hosted WordPress blog

1. Backup your design, theme & blog

You can backup your WordPress blog through FTP, your web host or by using a plugin such as BackupBuddy, Updraftplus or WordPress Backup to Dropbox.

The most important thing is to make sure you are also downloading a backup of your database. And don’t rely on your web host creating backups, it’s always better to have a copy. for yourself.

2. Backup your posts

Login to your account, go to Tools and Export. Export an XML file of your posts, categories and comments. Choose what you want to backup – download together or separately.

How to backup your Blogger blog

1. Backup your blog theme

Login to your Blogger account. Go to the theme tab. In the corner beside the settings (gear icon) you will see a button “backup/restore”. Click it and “Download Full Template”. I like to rename it something like “xomisse-design-aug2013.xml” so I know what it is.

2. Backup your posts

Login to your account, go to Settings > Other and the first section you’ll see Blog Tools. Under this click Export Blog > Download Blog. Save the .xml file where you’ll be able to find it.

3. Backup your images on blogger

While logged into your account, go to Picasa Web Albums and Google+, here you will find images uploaded onto Blogger. Head over to Google Takeout and login using your Google/Blogger account. Select the service “Picasa Web Albums” and create archive. When the archive is created, click download. I’d also suggest doing this for Google+ Photos. You could also go to your Google+ profile, hover over “Home” on the left and go down to settings. Then on the left you’ll see an arrow next to Account, click that and Download your Data will appear in a list. You can download your Picasa Web Albums this way too.

4. Backup entire Blogger account & multiple blogs using Google Takeout

Head over to Google Takeout and login using your Google/Blogger account. Select the service “Blogger” and create archive. When everything is ready, click download.

What to do when you backup files

I like to backup my backups, what can I say I’m a Digital Media graduate and learned pretty quickly that “the assignment is on my laptop but it and my hard-drive broke” is the new “my dog ate my homework” excuse.

I use Dropbox to backup everything and send files between my phone, computer, laptop and college computer. The benefit of using Dropbox to host your backup files is that it is accessible anywhere so you can restore your blog at any time.

Do you keep a backup of your files? How often do you backup your blog?

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