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Back in March during SMX West (a social media marketing event) a group of experts held a session to discuss what is needed for SEO Success in 2013. I was interning at the time and was able to research and discuss it with my boss who is a Digital Media Marketer specialising in SEO.

Today’s post is a little summary of what I learned from the conference, things you can do with your blog to guarantee SEO Success in the coming years and protect your site during the Penguin algorithm update.

Reputation is important – both your identity and social reputation. Provide great quality content to your readers, link to good relevant content and encourage sharing of content by linking to good sites, accounts and posts. Do NOT spam your blog link.

Blog commenters who have authority are to get credit for their (valuable) contribution on blog posts so leave relevant thoughtful, helpful, useful comments instead of “Nice post. follow me – link” which will be looked at as spam.

It is important to implement authorship and have one person be responsible for content and be “the brand” across all platforms and social media. Authorship could be the new PageRank.

Use one identity across all Google services to help with reputation.

Perform keyword research, build natural links and social media links.

Focus design on usability. It is important to have a responsive design for mobile and a fast loading page. Check your page load speed.

Audit and remove inappropriate links leading to your website or blog. Getting a lot of links from a spam website? Check out this post on preventing referrer spam links.

Look at getting a healthy mix of links – type, location, domain type, site type, etc. Make sure the links to have pointing to your site are varied.

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  1. Thanks for this post. This is an eye-opener.

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