How to SEO your blog posts on Blogger – Video Walkthrough with FREE checklist

Today’s post is about taking my SEO tips and putting them into action in order to optimise your posts and blog content. I’ve written quite a few posts on SEO – covering basics of writing content and optimising images to increasing your domain authority, removing broken links and using NoFollow links.

Despite covering a few aspects I constantly get emails about it and have noticed reoccurring feedback, which is “I think I get it… But HOW do I do it?”.

So today I have a video walkthrough of how to SEO your posts on Blogger. It’s basically the same no matter what platform you’re on but I wanted to be as specific as possible. If you’re on WordPress, you’ll find a guide for SEOing your posts here.

There’s also a FREE checklist below that you can print off and keep beside your desk to refer back to when writing blog posts!

How to SEO your posts on Blogger – video walkthrough guide

Check out my previous tutorial on how to use Keyword Planner to find and research keywords. You may want to look back over my SEO posts to read more in-depth explanations of everything I’ve done in the video.

I hope you liked this style of post and have found it helpful, if you have please let me know by sharing it using the share buttons below or leaving a comment.

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