How to SEO your blog posts on WordPress – video walkthrough with FREE checklist

This is the second post about how to SEO your blog posts, I previously showed you the steps to optimising your blog posts on Blogger for search engines but today I’ll be showing you how to do so on WordPress.

I get asked all the time how to take the SEO tips I’ve previously shared and implement them when writing new posts to optimise your content for search engines. The video below will guide you through the writing process and show you each step to complete before hitting publish. There’s also a FREE checklist below that you can print off to refer back to!

How to SEO your posts on WordPress

Use the Keyword Planner Tool to find the best keyword terms and phrases to use in your post. More in-depth explanations for everything I mentioned can be found in my previous SEO posts. Found this post helpful? Please share it with your friends using the social icons below.

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