A new YouTube collab channel and community for content creators

In Real Life is a new all-inclusive YouTube community for creators from all backgrounds, categories and niches. It was created by Becka Shepherd, who has always been a supportive member of the blogging and YouTube community.

Becka was inspired by Mum’s Eye View, a collaboration channel featuring videos with Hannah Maggs, Ruth Crilly, Pixiwoo, Carly Rowena and other well-known creators. Becka wanted something that welcomed and showcased creators of all levels and so she created In Real Life.

There are a number of contributors already involved who will be uploading content giving their tips and sharing their experiences. The channel will cover a range of topics like parenting, lifestyle, crafts, fitness, fashion, beauty and travel. With over one thousand Twitter followers already, I think you’ll agree with me when I say I’m excited for the launch!

In Real Life is a new YouTube collaborative channel for content creators from all genres

How to become a contributor?

Check out the website (link below) to send them a message that you would like to be involved. They are interested in contributors from all genres and you won’t be tied down to a strict schedule, you can upload as regularly as you like.

In Real Life is launching on August 1st so head over the website and check it out!

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