How to enable the Search Description field on Blogger to increase page views

Search engines typically take the first couple of sentences of a blog post as use that as the site description on their results page. However, there is a feature on Blogger allowing you to write individual summary for each post. This allows you to choose the description which can help improve the number of visits your posts receive from search engines. This post will show you how to enable and use this feature.

How to enable Search Description on Blogger

On the Blogger dashboard, go to Settings > Search Preferences. Under Meta Tags, click edit next to Description. Click Yes to enable the Search Description field and create a Meta Description for your blog in the space provided.

This should be a short and concise description of your blog overall. Although using a couple of keywords is important here, try to write it for people first. This will typically appear as the description on search result pages so writing an interesting description will help encourage people to visit your blog over any other sites that are shown.

Press Save Changes once complete.

how to enable search meta description on Blogger for search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase page views and blog traffic.

Now when you write a new post, you’ll see a new Search Description field in Post Settings on the right hand side.

Here you can write a short summary about your blog post, again be detailed with the description and use a couple of keywords from your blog post.

how to enable search meta description on individual posts on Blogger for search engine optimisation (SEO)

The final step is to make sure you have the necessary HTML in your template. Go to Template > Edit HTML and search for the following within your head tags (between <head> and </head>), it will typically be above your title tag.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

The Meta Description tag does appear elsewhere in your template, and there are other methods for adding it to your template but the above it the easiest and best way to do so. As long as the above is within your head tags and implemented correctly, it should be enough to gather the necessary information.

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I’m so glad I found you, but I can’t find Template>Edit HTML. I’d love a point in the direction so I can make sure I’m doing all I can to make my blog highly visible.
Thank you
Leslie Ann Sartor

Thank you so much, I was seeing the search box on the post setting at a point I stop seeing it and I was wondering until I came across your post. your post helped me get it back with the setting. Bravo!

Hello thank you so much for your information, i cannot understand something here,
should i write the meta description at search preferences under settings in the blogger dashboard
or put the necessary HTML in my template
or i should do both.

MANY THANKS FOR THE USEFUL INFORMATION… but it is by default in my blogger template I want to know how can I remove search description from my blog post.

Waiting for your reply.

Hi Elaine, many thks for that.
Is this meta-description ‘field/area’ for the whole blogsite (which is what it looks like) or can I set up a meta-description for each new post? or put another way, does changing the meta-description when I do a new post replace it or add a new one? Replace would be a pest for me, whereas adding more would mean more visible to searchers.