Avoid blogging burnout + overcome bloggers block

With so many blogs out there it’s easy to feel like a little fish in a big huge pond, to feel like you’re putting a lot out there and not getting much back, to feel like other bloggers are better, to feel like you’ve used up all of your best ideas or simply to feel like you’ve given all you have. Here are some tips to help you overcome a block and fall back in love with writing for your blog again.

Take a break
There’s no rule that says you MUST blog every single day for the rest of your life. It’s good to be consistent for numerous reasons but taking a week off isn’t going to do much damage. Take some time to live your life blog-free, go out and do things that can be blogged about later on. If you don’t want your blog to be without content get some guest bloggers to fill the gap until you’re ready to come back.

Don’t force content
This goes with the point above, don’t feel like you need to update! If you’re looking to grow your blog then focus on quality posts over quantity. Don’t force out posts just for the sake of publishing something. What would you like to see if you visited someone else’s blog? It’s better if each post is good quality, rather than being seen as “fillers”. Your traffic might drop a little during that time but it will come back.

Have a revamp
Sometimes you just need a reason to fall in love with your blog again and one of the best ways to do that is by giving it some TLC. Change the layout, update the design, instal a new feature or start a new topic or weekly series. It will spark a new interest in your blog and you’ll want to spend time on it.

Write about what you love
Make sure you’re writing about something you love. If you are publishing posts that you don’t have much knowledge on or aren’t passionate about your readers will know and you’ll soon get bored of it. Same goes for blogging purely because you think you’re going to make a lot of money. Pick a topic you truly love and it will be easy to create content.

Check your stats
What was most popular on your blog? What were people searching for? Is there something that people wanted that wasn’t on your blog? Has someone requested to see something from you? Start with that first to get you back into writing.

Sometimes you’re just stuck in a rut and lack inspiration. If that happens spend some time on other blogs, read a range of topics you find interesting and not just those in your niche. Don’t overthink, just read them as a reader and not as a blogger. Look up Pinterest, search popular posts on Bloglovin, etc. Something you read might just spark an idea.

Continue writing + creating
Sometimes the block disappears once you start so just start by writing anything. Once you get the first paragraph out of the way you’ll usually find that you’re starting to write something that could be used. You can then go back and edit the start. I used to do this all the time with reports at college. Try to write something everyday using a site like 750 Words, made to get you into the habit of writing.

Keep a list
Keep a little blogging book or use your phone to jot down posts that you want to do. Then when you hit a wall with content, you can look up a whole load of ideas.

Ask your readers
Ask your readers what their favourite posts are or what they’d like to see on your blog – is there a topic or post they’d like your opinion on? When I know there is a post that people are waiting for I’m far more motivated to sit down and write it.

Read your own content/comments
Sometimes your lack of ideas might come down to you feeling unworthy, or feeling like your blog isn’t good enough. If so, go back and read your old content. Remember why you started and how far you’ve come since. Read some nice comments and realise that people are following your blog. That number could be less than 5 or higher than 5000, it doesn’t matter – someone out there likes what you’re creating!

Stop comparing yourself + your blog
I know it’s hard but try not to compare yourself or your blog to anyone else’s, everyones blog is different – started at a different time, read by different people, has a different voice. That’s what makes blogging popular!

If you really love blogging and the topic you are writing about, the motivation to blog will come back to you. Don’t put pressure on yourself, enjoy some time outside of blogging and soon enough you’ll be typing away a whole list of posts.

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5 responses to “Avoid blogging burnout + overcome bloggers block”

  1. Great post, do agree sometimes you just need a break. When I feel very productive and inspired I try and get ahead of the game on posts and then when there are days or weeks when I’m too busy or not in the mood to blog I can fall back on my stash of posts!

    1. Definitely, a break can do wonders! I always try do that too, it’s so handy to have a few posts drafted as backups 🙂 How are you and baby doing? Huge congratulations again, so happy for you!

  2. A great post:) Writing about things you love is the main thing about blogging. It do show when people write forced contents.

  3. Under the stats paragraph you say to check what people are searching for – how do you do this?

    Love your blog I’ve learned so much from it during the time I have been following you xxx

    1. Hello Andrea, thank you! Check this post, it will give you details of how to understand GA stats.

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