Use image gadget in Blogger without required title

If you’ve ever tried to add an image gadget to Blogger you’ll know that adding a title for the gadget is a requirement. This can be pretty annoying when adding an About Me image that already has text. A lot of people have been asking me for a way to hide the title of the image gadget on Blogger using CSS but here’s a handy little workaround way of not needing a proper title at all. Add your gadget and use the following code as the title and save.


This is a non breaking space, it’s basically the HTML version of hitting the space bar on your keyboard. Blogger reads it as text so it thinks you’ve added a title when really you’ve just added a space.



GENIUS! Thanks for following me back on Bloglovin’ Ellie. Also wanted to say thanks because your blog and tutorials have been so instrumental in helping me work out all the kinks for my blogskin.


Hi Ellie. Thanks so much for this wonderful little tip. However I have a slight problem. I have used this CSS code for generating boxes around my sidebar heading. And when I put this inside the title, the text disappears but the box remains. How do I get rid of this box alone keeping all the other boxes intact?
Thanks a lot!

HA! You’re a genius Ellie! I was just complaining about this the other week! I ended up using a period and it looks like a tiny speck on my screen, lol! I’m going over to change it now! Thanks so much!

Thanks for such an insight. Lovely tips you’ve got here. I’d keep coming back for more! 🙂

Just found your blog, and I must say that this is so great. A big help for bloggers:)

I hate to force using titles, so I changed it as soon as I read this.