How to fight spam comments on WordPress

Spam is probably one of the worst things about running a blog. It’s a tough situation because you want to make it difficult for spammers but easy for your readers to comment. It’s best to avoid things like word verification or CAPTCHA. They are pretty difficult to read and can be time consuming. I previously talked about fighting spam on Blogger, but what about you lot on WordPress. Here’s a quick tip to fight spam comments without annoying your readers.

Use Akismet and FV Antispam to fight spam

I’ve got two plugins that work together perfectly – Akismet and FV Antispam. Akismet is the most popular spam plugin out there for WordPress, but unfortunately it sometimes marks real comments as spam. FV Antispam will automatically trash spambot comments, leaving Akismet to deal with human spam. Using both means you no longer have to scroll through spam searching for genuine comments! There’s loads of amazing plugins out there for fighting spam but I’ve found these too work together perfectly.

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