8 creators to inspire your content (and the takeaways for your strategy)

When the topic of choosing a niche comes up, I often give examples of how there really is something for everyone on the internet.

No matter how niche you’re topic, you will always find an audience who are interested.

In this post, we’re looking at eight creators who have gained social media popularity by producing unique content. I’m hoping they’ll inspire you…

1. London Hustle

London Hustle has 29.6K on Instagram, 45.8K on TikTok and 142K on YouTube. He’s racked up over 60 million views on YouTube. In March 2023, he had 22K on TikTok and 26K on YouTube… that’s incredible growth!

The content you ask? Delivery POV! London Hustle shares videos of himself cycling around London delivering food. A simple concept that has proven very popular. There’s something comforting and intriguing to see what people in London order throughout the day.

The takeaway: People love a behind-the-scenes. Show the process of your work, either as a video or timelapse, and give your audience an insight into your personality while soft-selling your products or services.

2. Amara Artspots

Amara was devastated when she first received a vitiligo diagnosis in 2017, but after some time she began creating art using her skin highlighting her vitiligo with designs. Amara now shares her ArtSpots with an audience of over 280K on TikTok helping to spread awareness and encourage self-love.

The takeaway: Get creative with your content! Find something unique to you, share your story and inspire others. There’s bound to be an audience out there who will relate and appreciate you.

3. Savannah Sachdev

You may have seen Savannah pop up on your explore page. She gained traction online from her daily running challenge. Savannah has run at least one mile every day for 780 days now, and counting. Over 150K people are following her journey on Instagram, with another 100.2K following on TikTok.

The takeaway: Give people a reason to come back to your platform. This could simply be a weekly or monthly series, or a challenge that your audience can get involved in.


If you can walk it then you can 1000% run it!! I often like to remind myself that a run doesn’t have to be painfully fast. A comfortable shuffle really is fab and it seems a lot less intimidating when you’re trying to convince yourself to get out of the door. Whether or not you choose to activate turbo sports mode once you’ve warmed up and found your confidence is completely up to you – a run is a run regardless of speed.

♬ original sound – Savannah Sachdev

4. Big Manny 1 

Emanuel is a 24-year old with a BSc & MSc in Biomedical Science. He uses his online platforms to teach kids science in a fun way. With 1.7M on TikTok and 968K on Instagram, he’s made quite the impression.

The takeaway: Educational content can be entertaining. Think of a new spin you can put on your content that your audience will enjoy and speak in the language they understand.

5. Grace Wells

Grace Wells creates seriously impressive mock commercials for random objects, like a single kernel of corn or a crumb of toast, often taking suggestions from her audience. Grace shows you the behind-the-scenes of filming different clips and then the incredible finished project. She’s amassed 477K on Instagram and 2.6M on TikTok.

The takeaway: Involve your audience in your content! By interacting with them or getting their suggestions, you’re creating a community feel and you’re expanding your list of content ideas.

6. Nothing Much Happens

Slightly different to the others on the list, Nothing Much Happens is a podcast that describes itself as bedtime stories for adults who have trouble sleeping. As the title suggests, nothing much happens in the stories so no guilt for missing anything if you fall asleep.

The host, Kathryn Nicolai, reads her original stories twice per episode, with the second time being slightly slower. It has received over 100 million downloads, allowing Kathryn to become a published author and speaker.

The takeaway: You don’t need to be every single platform or have millions of followers to be successful. Spend some time figuring out the type of content your ideal audience needs, where that audience is looking for that content and how you can offer value through your content while also monetising it.

7. Sean Oulashin

Sean created a brand new TikTok account at the beginning of 2021 with the goal of posting every day until something happened. And something did! Sean’s quick pieces of advice has seen him gain over 760K on Instagram and 860K on TikTok.

Sean now shares bite-sized pieces of “perspective for your scroll”, often popping up on your feed to tell you to put your phone away or reminding you to breathe.

The takeaway: Consistency is key! You never know what post is going to make it to your ideal audiences’ feed and resonate with them enough to engage with you, so keep showing up. Remember though, that consistently doesn’t mean constantly.

8. The Christine Buzan

Christine shares tips on how to pose in photos and how to pose based on what outfit you’re wearing. Having set up her business Look Good In Photos in 2020, she now has over 370K followers on Instagram, 1.6M on TikTok and has been featured on the likes of Refinery29 and Cosmopolitan.

The takeaway: Find a problem your target audience has, and give them solutions. That’s the simplest way to have people seek you out, follow you and come back again and again for your content.


Replying to @BRITKINI Boutique HOW TO POSE IN A JUMPSUIT | Most people don’t realize this, but different outfits look best in different poses! Today I’m going to teach y’all how to pose while wearing a jumpsuit. ASSESS THE OUTFIT: When you’re wearing a jumpsuit, you have to be careful about the placement of your legs since you don’t want to distort the lines of the outfit. Also, to preserve the lines, I want my pose to be angular. LEGS: I’m going to place my weight on my back leg and extend my front leg at a diagonal. ARMS: Since there is a lot of volume at the bottom of my outfit, I am going to pose my hands within the top half of my body. Instead of doing the traditional teapot pose, I’m going to flip my hand around, so my thumb is facing the front. I can then rest my other hand on my collarbone or touch the top of my head. – #longervideos #howtopose #howtoposeyourbody #fullbodyposes #posesforwomen How to pose in a jumpsuit. How to pose in a long jumpsuit. How to pose for full body photos. How to pose for outfit photos. How to pose your body.

♬ original sound – CHRISTINE BUZAN | POSING TIPS


As you can see there really is an audience for everything! I hope this post has inspired you to get creative with your content. Remember to be consistent in how you show up, be intentional with the platforms you show up on and speak directly to your ideal audience.

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