7 blogs to visit for Monthly Traffic Stats + Income Reports

I’m seeing more and more monthly stats and income reports show up on my blog feed lately and find the transparency so refreshing, interesting and helpful. So much so that I wanted to share them with you all. Monthly reports are where bloggers shares their traffic and stats for the month, information about any income earned within that month, their goals or tactics and give their opinion and reasonings on the report. I think these are great for one main reason, it shares the knowledge about how to monetize your blog. You don’t need millions of followers to earn money from blogging, it just takes time and strategy.

7 blogs who publish monthly stats and income reports

  1. The sidekick to infopreneurs Regina shares the tools, tips and details of how she earns money blogging in her monthly reports. It’s been a while since she updated, but you’ll find tons of information in earlier reports of how she earns thousands per month.
  2. Lifestyle blogger Corinne has been posting stats and income reports since the beginning of this year, sharing blog and social media stats, her DA growth, blog income and expenses. She considers herself “an established, medium-sized blogger” and wants to give other bloggers an idea of how much they can earn without having hundreds of thousands of page views each month.
  3. Erika’s reports share the journey of her third attempt at monetizing one of her blogs. The first month of monetizing her current blog, she made about $90, the second month made $2, but she shares her reasons along the way which makes for a very interesting read.
  4. Maya Elious, a branding strategist, has previously shared some reports of how she earns up to $6,000 per month on her blog.
  5. Melyssa shares insightful reports of how she earns money from her blog and business, and has started including a Take Action section giving some specific advice each month.
  6. Meredith, a home decor enthusiast blogging about her DIY projects, shares all the details of how she’s earned over $33K in 2015 on her blog, check out the reports here.
  7. Kristie added a twist to the report, by starting “The New Blog Experiment” where she’s partnered with a brand new blogger to start and build a new blog, reporting the progress along the way sharing stats and income. You can read more about the experiment here, and follow along here to see the reports.

I recommend doing these reports yourself, you can do them privately in a document if you prefer. It’s a great way as a blog owner to look back over the monthly reports and see the growth that has happened, or see the outcome if you tried something a little different.

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2 responses to “7 blogs to visit for Monthly Traffic Stats + Income Reports”

  1. If you wanna take a look at really impressive monthly income-stats, check out the reports at http://www.smartpassiveincome.com .

    1. Hello, thanks for sharing! I’m familiar with Pat Flynn and his awesome (and incredibly impressive) monthly income stats, definitely one to check out but for this post I wanted to stick to blogs that are in the same niche as my readers are 🙂

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