A/B testing Reels, TikTok Customise FYP and YouTube AI-powered “Dream Track” – ICYMI November 2023

Welcome back to another ICYMI, here are the updates you may have missed in the social media world in November…


  • Threads launches initial test of Topic Tags, allowing users to link updates to a broader selection of posts on the same subject, and is apparently working on Hashtag support
  • Meta is threatened with legal action in the UK over the use of “Threads” as a business name
  • Threads is allowing users to opt-out of their updates being shown on Instagram and Facebook
  • Meta are working on a feature that will allow users to create videos from text prompts
  • Meta continue to add features for creators including an A/B testing tool for Reels, a new achievements hub in professional dashboard, rewards (like increased Feed visibility or a Rising Creator label on profiles) for reaching different milestones and access to more Reels insights
  • Instagram will remove Guides on December 15th, but you can download your guides from the Accounts Centre until March 14th
  • Instagram now allows you to download Publicly Posted Reels Clips, creators can switch off the option if they prefer
  • Instagram improve Reels and Stories creation tools, including new filters, updated audio elements, improved drafts and more
  • Despite already starting to roll this out, Instagram have now officially announced that all users will be able to share feed posts and Reels with “Close Friends”
  • Instagram is testing a new “Wonder Wall” feature that would showcase Notes on user profiles
  • Instagram will now let you highlight post replies in Stories
  • Instagram now allows you to disable read receipts in DMs
  • Instagram is allegedly working on the ability to request a mention in Stories
  • Instagram have a new setting to bulk remove spam followers
  • Messenger is launching Inbox Notes (the text-based prompts that have become popular among teens on Instagram)
  • Facebook is removing its Hobbies section from user profiles


  • LinkedIn launches new AI Summary tools, available to Premium subscribers only, that will analyse and summarise your feed’s posts
  • LinkedIn announced that it’s now reached a new milestone of 1 billion total members (note, not active members)
  • LinkedIn removed features including link stickers, profile videos and carousel image posts


  • YouTube continues to fight against ad blockers, with the platform now confirming that it’s slowing load times for ad blocker users
  • YouTube continues working on AI features, including “Dream Track” which will enable users to create music in the style of various famous artists
  • YouTube gives premium subscribers access to its Generative AI elements while experimenting with its own in-stream AI chatbot
  • YouTube creators must comply with new rules by labelling AI-generated content
  • YouTube pages are getting a TikTok-like For You feed

X (Twitter)


  • TikTok adds a new Customise Feed option within the For You Page settings that lets you decide what the algorithm should show you, with prompts if you can’t decide your preferences
  • TikTok is allowing users to create their own AR effects directly within the TikTok app
  • TikTok launches “Add to Music App” option, allowing users to add music you hear in TikTok clips to your music library on your preferred streaming service
  • TikTok’s $1 billion creator fund is shutting down for creators in the US, UK, Germany and France from December 16th

Other updates

And that’s it for this month!

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