Add an image to text – Clipping Masks on Photoshop and Affinity Photo

Todays tutorial will show you how to use clipping masks on Photoshop and Affinity Photo to add an image (like a photograph or pattern) to some text or mockup image. You can also use this technique to create photo layouts for blog graphics and images.

If you don’t have Photoshop or Affinity, some other image editing programs do offer this tool also but most will require some added steps.

How to use Clipping Masks on Photoshop and Affinity Photo

1. Create the object you want to use. This could be text, a shape, multiple shapes or a mockup image.

2. Add your image file to the canvas. This could be a pattern, photograph or another image. Make sure it is placed above your first object in the layer panel.

3. Now it is time to create the clipping mask. On Photoshop, go to Layer and Create Clipping Mask. On Affinity, you can drag your image on top of the object. This can be seen in more detail in the video.

4. The top layer is now clipped to the layer below it. You can use the move tool to reposition the clipped image.

Creating photo layouts for blog images

1. Open a new file. For this tutorial we’re using the Ellipse Tool but choose anyone you wish. Draw a circular shape. Create as many shapes as you need in any pattern or design.

How to use photoshop clipping masks to create blog graphics

2. Now drag your images into the project. Place each image layer above above each shape layer so that your layer panel is shape, layer, shape, layer, as shown. Position the images over the shapes.

How to use photoshop clipping masks to create blog graphics

3. One by one, select your image layer and go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask. This will clip it to the shape below. A quicker way is to position your mouse between the two later, press ALT on your keyboard and click your mouse.

how to use clipping masks to create blog photo layouts


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