Reflecting on 2021 and my hopes for 2022

Covid-19 vaccines and variants, storming the US Capitol Building, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inauguration, Bernie Sanders meme, Sarah Everard, The 2020 Euro’s, Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala ensemble, Derek Chauvin sentenced, Donald Trump impeached, NFTs, Squid Game, Oprah interviews Harry and Megan, #FreeBritney, Kourtney and Travis, Facebook outage, Meta, Adele, “the CDC recommends”.

Just a couple of things that jumped out at me when I thought back over 2021. Hard to imagine that we thought nothing could beat 2020 right?

My 2021 Review

I did my yearly review and intention session a couple of days early this year (using Notion of course). But before writing this I looked over my Intentions for 2021 post from January 6th and you know what? It’s changed my perspective a little. Don’t get me wrong, 2021 was bad in a lot of ways. I think I’d put it number 2 in my top worst years. But, as with anything, there was a lot of good too.

I didn’t accomplish everything I’d set out to but there were a few things that manifested themselves in their own way. Like reaching out more, I was more open to friendships and definitely met a lot more people in 2021. In terms of goals and ambitions, I finally started my Masters in Digital Marketing Management, which has been on my list since finishing my Bachelors in 2014.

I also hit the five years in London milestone, stepped down from my position at Blogosphere and celebrated my 30th birthday, which came with a second quarter life crisis that I’m starting to feel a lot better about. Unfortunately with assignments taking up so much of my time in the last quarter of the year, I did slip off the health and fitness routine that I’d done so well with at the beginning of 2021, but these things happen. We get up and start again!

Going into 2022

I like to do two word clouds, one to summarise the previous year and one to set intentions for the upcoming year. For 2022, I’m focusing on self-care, growth and intention.

I break these down into lots of different goals and tasks in my Notion. But in brief, it looks like this:

  • Completing some books and courses for personal growth
  • Getting back into my health and fitness routine – I’ve set this up as “be active” goal that has multiple versions of what that looks like depending on my mood, resources and energy levels. I got this advice from a video by MuchelleB, who I highly recommend.
  • Improve my wellbeing and sleep by bringing more mindful practices into my daily routine and looking after myself more
  • Schedule intentional time off – instead of spending my free time scrolling on social media or passively watching TV, I instead want to go do things that I enjoy and that will make me feel good

In terms of career and business, I haven’t set many goals this year for once. I know that my Masters is going to take up the majority of the year and I want to give my all to that. However, one thing on my list is getting back to posting on here more regularly, like I used to without the pressure of making sure every post is perfectly put together. Writing for my university blog reminded me how much I love picking a topic and typing, so that’s my plan!

A big thank you to you

I want to say a massive thank you to all of you. I really appreciate your support in every way. And it’s been great to connect with so many of you through Instagram, my newsletter and Facebook Group. I definitely want to make connection and community a priority going forward!

Sending you all the love and positive vibes for the coming months, I hope 2022 brings you everything you’re looking for 🥂

How was your 2021? What are your goals, intentions or resolutions for 2022? Let me know in the comments below. Or if you prefer send me your thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or email.

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