Blogger release new themes and updated features

Good news for Blogspot users, this week Blogger announced on their blog that they were releasing some beautiful new themes for the popular blogging platform.

The four new themes should now be available in your dashboard, they are:

Contempo – As good for a photo as it is for a story, Contempo puts a fresh, modern spin on life’s many adventures.

Soho – Spare and simple, Soho is a gallery built to showcase your latest photos, designs or musings in their best light.

Emporio – From projects to objects, Emporio can take any array of posts and display them in a neat and tidy way.

Notable – Whether you’re feeling pithy or profuse, Notable is your notepad for scribbles, stories, and so much more.

New new responsive Blogger Blogspot Themes 2017

The New Blogger Themes: Contempo, Soho, Notable and Emporio.

These new themes are mobile responsive so they will automatically adjust to any screen and have quick loading times, both of which are important for SEO in 2017.

The four themes come in a variety of colours and have some new features (including a nicer comment section and the ability to hide/show gadgets without having to delete them).

Blogger introduce new responsive themes 2017 - Gadget Visibility

They are coded slightly differently to the previous themes available, but can be customised in the Template Designer. You can also edit the template code directly in Blogger’s HTML Editor too to fully customise them to suit your style.

Blogger release new responsive themes 2017 - New Editor and Theme Customizer

Want to switch to one of the new themes? On your Dashboard, go to the Theme tab and select the one you want to try. Remember to back up your old theme first!

I’m hoping this means we’ll continue to see even more updates to Blogger soon, as they’ve been tweaking a few things on the interface over the past few months. I can’t wait to have a play around with the new Blogger themes and introduce the latest features to themes of my own. Keep an eye out for new tutorials and pre-made themes!

Will you be switching to any of these themes? What tutorials would you like to see for them?

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  1. Lily S. on

    Actually they are not mobile responsive yet. I’ve installed the Emporio on my Blog and there’s so many flaws that I just don’t know where to begin. It looks horrible on mobile, there’s no way to adjust the sidebar, it’s so small that I can’t run the 300×336″ ads. Instead of letting up adjust the width, it gives us a slider at the bottom of the column… how funny!. Also my EngagYa post shows up on my homepage. Oh, and it doesn’t accept any CSS code that I put into the ‘add CSS’ location in the template, so my Google ad is off centered….. i’m sure there’s more but i’m exhausted.

    • Elaine Malone on

      Oh no! Not sure why you’re having problems with it Lily, I’ve been testing them out and haven’t noticed any issues. Adding CSS to Custom CSS in Template Designer adds the styling to above ]]> </b:skin> in Theme file, as it should. The Item Page Sidebar falls nicely under posts and takes up full width of device, the main Sidebar slides in as Canvas Menu and looks great!

      • Lily S. on

        Thanks doll!, I will try adding my CSS in the Template instead of in the section of the template editor where it says “add CSS”. I will also read over your consultation service. I just registered with Teachable and i’m creating my very first course… yeah! Everyone says I need WordPress to promote and launch it and I really do agree, I think you’re the perfect person to give my $$$ to to help me create my vision….. i’m gearing up for a summer launch so I will be in touch!

    • Elaine Malone on

      Hi Victoria. I agree, so glad to see they are updating the platform! Ah that’s disappointing, what’s missing? You could always add it yourself if you like one of the newer themes 🙂

  2. TMK on

    I love these new themes! I chose Soho and I just noticed that the sidebar is hidden in the left side. Only open if you press the three lines. Do you know how to make it not hidden? I would rather have it there whole time 🙂 Thank you in advance!

    • Elaine Malone on

      Hello. On larger screens the sidebar is there, on smaller devices it becomes a slide out menu. You can remove this functionality in Theme > Edit HTML, though you’ll have to re-adjust a few elements and move the sidebar beneath the post to allow the theme to be responsive.

  3. Julia on

    Create some tutorials how to customize the appearance the new blogger themes (sidebar, menu, header, post title, post thumbnail image, custom css, seo, meta tags …)

  4. neeeu on

    Please please please help me I am weak in english writing but i m regular reader of your blog. Heading in Emporio
    Blog title h1
    Post Title H2
    How Can I chage this –
    post title h1
    Or 1page- 1 h1 not 2

  5. Jennifer on

    I have switched already. Can’t wait for your tutorials. My issue with the new temps is the main page width. It is not as wide on desktop as I wish it could be. Also, the alignment of the snippet of post for temps like emporio. I wish the picture and text can be centered instead of left aligned. So if you can address this, it would be helpful.

  6. Cláudio on

    If you can teach us how to modify that dropdown bar that fixes the search bar and mini menu on the left it will be great. How to add more buttons to it, or delete the mini menu and put the static pages menu on it (keeping the searching bar), for example.