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Interested in partnering with XOmisse to promote your brand or business? Increase brand awareness and click-throughs on your plugin, tool or resource by sponsoring content on the XOmisse website, newsletter or social platforms.

About XOmisse

XOmisse provide educational content and services to creative entrepreneurs. Our audience consists of content creators and small business owners across a range of niches. We regularly publish articles around the topics of content creation, digital marketing and running a small business.

The XOmisse site receives around 15,000 visitors every month with a total of over 2,260,000 page views890,000+ unique visitors and a DA of 39. Our readership is 60% female and between the age of 18-35. We have a large audience in America, the UK, India, Canada and Australia.

Partnership opportunities

Collaborate with us by sponsoring content on our website, newsletter or social media platforms. Some ways we can collaborate include:

  • Dedicated and optimised blog post
  • Product review and giveaway
  • YouTube video sponsorships
  • YouTube video tutorial
  • Newsletter feature
  • Social media promotion

Packages and rates differ depending on each collaboration. Please email advertise@xomisse.com for my media kit and upcoming availability.

Previous brand partnerships

XOmisse Statistics

  • All Time Pageviews: 2,227,321+
  • All Time Unique Visitors: 892,750+
  • Average Monthly Views: 31,371
  • January 2019 Pageviews: 15,698
  • January 2019 Unique Visitors: 10,452
  • Domain Authority: 39
  • Twitter Followers: 3,200+
  • Instagram Followers: 730+
  • Facebook Followers: 580+
  • RSS: 4,000+
  • Newsletter (GDPR): 900+

Stats taken from Google Analytics – January 2019

September 2016 – January 2019


In line with the ASA & the CMA and to ensure full transparency with my readers, all individual posts will contain disclosures regarding sponsorship, gifted items and affiliate links. The theme of the collaboration must be related to the topics I cover on this site and must be suitable to my audience. I do not accept display ads, follow link requests or reposting of infographics.