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Your website is your best employee, promoting your content 24/7. Your ideal audience flock to your relevant content from Google Search. And you don’t have to spend hours on social media promoting what you do.

How is that possible? Search Engine Optimisation.

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What we’ll cover in this free mini-course

Day 01

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We’ll cover things like what SEO really is, why it matters and how search engines work

Day 02

Ranking Factors


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Hi, I’m Elaine!

I started my first blog in 2009, so I’ve been creating content online for over a decade now. 

I went on to study Creative Digital Media and in my third year in 2013 I launched my freelance business to help other content creators through the technical aspects of running and designing a blog.

Within 13 months of launching XOmisse, I Interned at a digital marketing, SEO and web design agency and had started writing for Blogosphere, I was nominated for best technology blog, I gained over one million unique page views and I booked out months in advance. 

How did I do that? Through consistent blogging and SEO!