Instagram Spam Filter, Threads Topic Tags and social trend reports – ICYMI December 2023

Welcome back to the last ICYMI of 2023, giving you the social media updates from December…


  • Instagram adds looping 2-second video to Notes as the feature continues to be popular among teen users, and you can now respond to Notes using audio, photo, video, GIFs and stickers
  • Instagram has improved its automated detection of spam and bot profiles, saving creators from having to manually sift through spam comments, requests and so on
  • Instagram is testing the capacity to add Notes to Feed posts
  • Instagram provides new Stories engagement options by allowing users to create their own ‘Add Yours’ templates
  • Instagram adds option to stop visitors from expanding your profile image
  • Instagram tests new ‘Hype’ option to encourage engagement with Stories, allowing users to post a comment to a Story that other users can then also see in-stream
  • Instagram released their 2024 Trend Talk detailing the results of a survey looking at Gen Z trends across the US, UK, Brazil, India, and South Korea


  • Threads finally launches in the EU, which had been delayed due to regulations
  • Threads search now supports all languages
  • Threads rolls out topic tags to all users globally, to categorise content and help you find content you enjoy
  • Threads adds separate link URL to help track referral traffic
  • Threads moves to the next stage of testing for its API, which will then allow for third-party scheduling, analytics and more


  • Instagram and Facebook’s messaging services will no longer be cross-compatible. Once discontinued, you won’t be able to start new cross-platform chats and existing conversations will go into read-only mode
  • Facebook Messenger rolls out end-to-end encryption by default
  • Meta adds more generative AI elements, including in-stream visual creation options, AI post prompts and expanded availability of its virtual characters
  • Facebook prompts group admins to sign-up for its coming generative AI elements, which will include content recommendations, new topic filters and post prompts
  • Facebook continues to work on adding third-party chats to Messenger, allowing you to conduct conversations with users who send you messages from other apps


  • LinkedIn have added a number of updates to its newsletter functionality, including new analytics and a duplicate draft template option
  • LinkedIn relaunches its creator page with a new name that aims to help users maximise engagement on the platform
  • LinkedIn continues to add in more generative AI elements within its education tools, including a new new coaching element that would give you tips on a topic you want to learn about and direct you to relevant courses to help


  • YouTube creators can now gift 10 subscriptions per month to their audience, free of charge
  • YouTube published their annual “A Year on YouTube” wrap-up, which highlights the topics, songs and creators of 2023

X (Twitter)

  • X adds incognito mode controls for spaces hosts
  • X adds option to embed videos in isolation from posts
  • X now lets users broadcast community posts to all followers
  • X previews new bookmark search option allowing users to search for Tweets they have previously saved


  • TikTok owner ByteDance is launching custom Al chatbot creation tools
  • TikTok tells agencies and brands to rip up ‘best storytelling practices’
  • TikTok tests new desktop-based tools, including more analytics insights and updated discovery tools


Other updates

  • BeReal adds video posts, group chats, post tagging and other updates
  • Pinterest launches live test of new body type search filters, which it first started testing back in September
  • Pinterest published its annual “Pinterest Predicts” trend report, highlighting the rising trends based on search activity
  • Decentralised social network and Twitter rival Bluesky is finally letting users look at posts on the platform without logging in
  • CapCut adds new features for short-form video editing, including AI fill and relight editing options
  • Researchers at Meta conducted an experiment testing both humans and ChatGPT-4 with 466 questions, humans correctly answered 92% while AI scored 15%

That’s all for this month and for 2023! Come back next month for the latest updates.

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