Kind Words

Kind Words

  • I highly recommend Elaine for any website work you need done. Best person to recreate the vision in your head into a beautiful website. Everything explained up front, no hidden costs, everything worked brilliantly and efficiently afterwards. It was worth every penny and I have never got so many compliments on my website as I do now. I couldn’t be happier with it. Elaine has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish and with assistance afterwards.

    Jenny Taylor – Lets Talk Mommy

  • Elaine just gets it. You send a request and she does it – she’s quick and she’s meticulous, too. She also simplifies the complicated – turning potentially overwhelming digital language into terms one can understand. The work Elaine did for the bCreator (formerly Blogosphere) site was fantastic. Traffic has soared and the amount of returning users has trebled. Thoroughly enjoyable and seamless process.

    Alice Audley – bCreator

  • Working with Elaine is always a great experience. She takes the ideas I bring forward and turns them into a beautiful visual reality, no matter what I want she can make it happen. She also took my blog from Blogger to WordPress and the result was great. The presentation is very welcoming and my readers enjoy the simplicity and clean style. Elaine really listened to what I was after and that is rare.

    Carole West – Garden Up Green

  • It was an absolute pleasure working with Elaine. She is extremely professional and has great vision. Her working relationship and customer service is like no other!! I would have paid double for the amazing service I received.

    Jackie P – Style Me Petite

  • It was a real pleasure working with XOMISSE for the development of my blog design and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Elaine was able to answer all of my questions with details and optional solutions for design problems.

    Liana – The Land Of Lavish

  • It was an amazing experience! Elaine is very easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about good blog design and was not afraid to offer her insights and ideas. It was a pleasure working with her and if I ever needed another revamp, or just a tweak, I would definitely use her again. I am extremely happy with the blog design. I’ve gotten quite a few compliments on it. The coding just works better, the flow of the blog works better and it’s much easier for people to get around on. I am thoroughly satisfied.

    Jennifer Hopsicker – Fingers Polish Mania

  • Elaine was incredibly competent and efficient and I had no problems at all throughout the process. I feel like she really went out of your way to answer my (many!) questions and make everything exactly how I wanted – nothing was too much! I have had so many compliments on the redesign and I love creating content knowing it’s going to look great on such a well built yet simple site that provides an excellent backdrop to my work.

    Beth Hinds – All Things Beautiful Blog

  • Elaine was a pleasure to work with, she was extremely helpful and professional. Elaine understood my requirements and created a blog design that was exactly how I’d specified. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I absolutely love the work Elaine completed.

    Lucy Willis – Dinosaur Dances

  • I love my new site so much!! I’m so happy with it, it’s exactly what I wanted. Elaine was amazing and I’ll definitely use her again when I need blog design help! It’s been a pleasure.

    Natassia – Belle Obsession

  • Elaine installed the XO MELYA theme on my blog a few weeks a go. It looks abolutely beautiful and I’m so pleased. I’ve had so many positive comments. Elaine couldn’t have been more helpful and sorted out things out for me really quickly. She’s excellent. If I could give her more than five stars, I would!

    Nicola Wood – Mrs Tubbs

  • Elaine was a pleasure to work with. She customized the XO EXPRESSO template for me and it looks amazing! Everything is exactly how I wanted.

    Allie Barke – Allies Fashion Alley

  • I am so happy that I stumbled upon Elaine’s website. It’s been a great source of information and tips for blogging. I’m super pleased with the XO BREVE template. Elaine’s been great with corresponding and I couldn’t be happier with how my blog looks! I highly recommend her services!

    Saba – Cheeky Rummager

  • I absolutely love the layout of the XO AFFOGATO template. I had a little trouble installing the social icons and getting my header to work, but Elaine was so kind and soooo fast in emailing me back. I love that her prices are so reasonable and what you get is so stylish, it works perfect with Blogger and it is easy to customize to the colors and fonts you want. Thanks Ellie!

    Renee Young – Mulling Over My Morning Coffee

  • XOmisse is more than just a place to find design resources. It’s great for bloggers who are a bit more advanced and can handle coding (I won’t even play myself). But, it’s also nice because you can find info like “Preparing your Blog for Vacation” (something I recently did in “Taking Two Weeks”). These types of tips are simple and may seem small but are often overlooked so I like this site for the practical info, too.

    Monèt – Curls And Mo

  • Elaine is without a doubt one of my go-to bloggers when it comes to design tips and tricks. I could name any number of features in our design that I learnt with the help of her highly detailed, easy tutorials. She’s always coming up with the smallest of tips that can make your blog look and feel exactly how you want it, without taking you hours to do so. A lot of what I’ve learnt and been inspired to create has come for her work, and the best thing about her advice is that once you’ve cracked it, you can easily recreate, edit and add to the tutorials to create the exact look your wanting. I couldn’t imagine not using XOMISSE when I’m looking for inspiration and how-to’s when designing and neither should you.

    Stacie – Beautiful Bookish Butterflies

  • I know there are tons of beautiful pre-made blog templates out there and XOmisse makes a few as well, but for those interested in coding their own blogs or making their own tweaks to their current template I cannot recommend XOmisse’s blog enough! There are so many easy to follow tutorials on how to do your own HTML/CSS coding such as how to make your navbar stick at the top of your page, or how to style your jump link. If you are nervous about making changes to your code but want to give it your own style I would definitely have a look at her blog; it has helped me so much in coding my own blog!

    Laura – My Laura Life

  • I just want to say a huge thank you to…Elaine for helping me drudge up my old blog domain and salvage what I had thought would be lost into an internet black hole forever and for all your guidance, kindness, and support.

    Georgie – Georgiexoxo

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share a review, I really appreciate it ❤️