The Yellow Brick Road

The Yellow Brick Road blog is about music education. The main focus is bringing new ideas and free resources such as lesson plan templates, printable visuals, etc. to elementary and middle school music teachers. The main goal with the blog is to be helpful to music teachers, show proof of knowledge and to build trust in order to gain more customers.

Jennifer was looking for a new design that would make it easier for readers to find posts and move around her blog. We first discussed platforms, Jennifer had been DIY’ing her blog design on Blogger and was curious if she should move to WordPress in order to get the clean functional design she wanted. After discussing her preferences and the features she wanted we decided to stay on the Blogger platform and come up with a reponsive design that would work well for her. Our goal was to improve the overall branding so that it has a more professional feel and to redesign the blog so it offered better usability to the readers.

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