Jackie’s inquiry sparked numerous ideas for me straight away. She wanted something clean that was simple and didn’t have a load of extra features but still wanted the design to be bold, which I loved! Some of the main things Jackie wanted was a standout navigation, a social media grid and automatic read more button. I created some concept mockups for her based on that, Jackie picked her favourite and after a couple of small tweaks to the mockup we were ready to move forward with it. I developed the mockup into a live site and we were ready to launch it right away. I love the final look!

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Elaine. She is extremely professional and has great vision. Despite a massive time difference there was no trouble with communication, the entire process was completely brilliant. She understood my vision and interpreted it perfectly. I LOVE the new look Elaine has given my blog, it looks sharp, classic and inviting. She understood my vision to a T and delivered in a really quick time-frame. Since the new style the blog numbers have increased and the new blog is also very easy for me to use.


Despite the entire process of communication with Elaine being over email, her friendly personality shone through. I felt like I knew her. Her working relationship and customer service is like no other!! At the end Elaine even gave me links to specific information that she thought would be helpful. Elaine is sooo talented and provided such an amazing service. I would have paid double for the amazing service I received.”

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