Blogosphere Magazine is an internationally distributed publication that launched in Autumn 2013 and covers a whole range of interesting topics such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, photography, food, travel as well as reviews and interviews. The best part? It’s all centred around the blogging community – written by bloggers for bloggers or blog lovers. They’ve featured some amazing creators on the covers – like Samantha Maria, Marcus Bulter, Estée Lalonde, Louis Cole and Fleur De Force. I have been lucky enough to be writing for them since the very first issue and now cover the Social Media section each issue. Being involved in the magazine, and seeing the growth and love people have for it has been amazing.

I was thrilled when Blogospehre Magazine then contacted me about redesigning their website. We went back and forth discussing all of the ideas and features that would be included. It was great to be so involved in the process and see how passionate everyone was about the project. We decided to move the Blogosphere Magazine website from a static site to the WordPress CMS. This move allowed the team to update the content much easier, allowed readers to purchase quicker and gave the site some awesome new features (like an event page and blog!).

Elaine just gets it. You send a request and she does it – she’s quick and she’s meticulous, too. She also simplifies the complicated – turning potentially overwhelming digital language into terms one can understand. The work Elaine did for the Blogosphere site was fantastic. Traffic has soared and the amount of returning users has trebled. Thoroughly enjoyable and seamless process.

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