Blogosphere is a media-tech company rooted in the world of influencers. It launched in Autumn 2013 with an internationally distributed magazine, which acted as a blog directory suggesting bloggers across a range of topics such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, photography, food and travel as well as interviews and features about the blogging world. It has since expanded to be the insider guide to the influencer industry featuring YouTubers, social media stars and anyone who has built a career online.

They’ve featured some amazing creators on the cover – like Casey Neistat, Zoella, Inthefrow. I have been writing tech and social media features for them since 2013. Being involved in the magazine, and seeing the growth and love people have for it has been amazing.

I was thrilled when Blogosphere contacted me about redesigning their website in 2015. We went back and forth discussing all of the ideas and features that would be included. It was great to be so involved in the process and see how passionate the team was about the project. We decided to move the Blogosphere website from a static HTML site to the WordPress CMS. This move was more efficient and gave a better user expeiernce. It allowed the team to update the content and giving them more functionality (like an events page and a blog) as well as allowing readers to purchase issues directly on the site.

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