How to create a polka dot background for your blog

tutorial polka dot pattern background for your blogI posted a couple of weeks ago about creating a zigzag chevron background for your blog using GIMP which is a free alternative to Photoshop. Today I will show you how to create a polka dot pattern using GIMP and how to create a polka dot background. You can use these backgrounds for things like your blog background, blog images, social media sites.

Alternatives to Photoshop/GIMP

How to create a blog background for free without Photoshop

Step by Step Guide – Polka Dot Blog Background on GIMP

  1. Download GIMP from, its free and legal.
  2. First we’re going to create the pattern. Open GIMP, Select File > New and choose 100 x 100 for the size. You can download my pre-made pattern below and then import it to use. Point 9 will tell you how to do this.
  3. Select New Layer and choose a Transparent Background. Delete the Background Layer.
  4. Select the brush tool, choose your polka dot colour and select a circle brush. Make sure it has a hardness of 100%, this will give the edge of the circle a nice clean edge so that it’s not blurry. I’ve selecting 30 as the size.
  5. Click View and select Snap to Grid and then Snap to Canvas Edges. This will snap your brush to the right places.
  6. Click Image, Guides and select New Guide by Percent. Choose Horizontal and 50%. Repeat this action choosing Vertical and 50%. You’ll see a guide appear.
  7. Using your brush, add 4 half circles to the centre of where the guides meet the edges. You may need to look at the video for this. It is at 2:37. When the image is tiled, it will create equal circles.
  8. Go to File, Export and save the file by selecting GIMP Pattern (.PAT). You can now add this to your Patterns on GIMP to use multiple times.
  9. To add a pattern to GIMP, go to Gimp, Preferences, expand Folders and choose Patterns. Add your Pattern Folder (where you saved the .PAT file).
  10. Now lets create you’re background. Select New File and fill the image with whatever colour you want.
  11. Create a new layer. Select the fill tool and your Polka Dot Pattern. Fill the area.
  12. To save, go to File, export. Name your background and choose your file type (.png or .jpg) from the list shown.

download free polka dot background

Free Downloads

Download Links: GIMP Pattern | 4 Polka Dot Backgrounds (Size in pixels: 1800×1500)


  1. This has been so helpful, I have created so many Backgrounds using this tutorial. It’s amazing that you video yourself doing the tutorial. the video is much more easier to understand than the instructions below, keep up the amazing work.

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Thanks for sharing your tutorial! I’ve managed to make a background quickly and easily following your steps – I’m sure I’ll use this again in the future too!


  3. Thank you for going to the trouble of making this tutorial. Is it possible to make the polka dots diferent colors, sort of like a rainbow color scheme, and to leave the background white?

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