Add a signature to WordPress posts

How to add a signature to WordPress posts

Create your Signature

The first step is to create the image. To do this I’d recommend using GIMP, a free alternative to Photoshop. Create a new document with a transparent background, add your signature and save as a .png file. This will save the signature without a background.

Add a signature to your blog

Unfortunately for users, there doesn’t seem to be an automated way of adding a signature to each post. Once you create your signature, you can upload it to the media section. Then copy the image link and paste it at the end of each post or insert it by clicking “add media” and searching for the image. You could also create a draft post with the signature and just copy it when creating a new post. When you upload the image, name it something like “signature” so that it is easy to find. The image code will look something like this

<img src"IMAGE URL" alt="DESCIPTION"/>

Add a signature to your (self hosted) blog

There are a couple of ways to add a signature to your posts if you have a Self Hosted WordPress site – you can directly edit your code or instal a plugin. You will probably need access to Filezilla for both of these options. I offer installation services if you don’t want to play around with code yourself, I can instal it for you.

Edit the code directly
Add code to your functions.php, there are many ways to do this specific to certain themes and templates. Open your themes functions.php file and paste the code below. If you have a child theme, then create a file called functions.php and paste it there. You should never alter the files of the adult theme, these changes will automatically be deleted when the theme updates.

 function post_signature($sign) {
global $post;
if($post->post_type == 'post') $sign .= '<div class="signature">
<img src="IMAGE LINK" alt="signature" />
return $sign; }

Then open your themes style.css file and paste the following

 div.signature img { float: left; padding: 3px; } 

Use a Plugin
The other way is by using plugins, there are loads available such as ft signature manager, WordPress signature, signature plugin for WordPress. Once you download the plugin, add it to your plugin folder using Filezilla (/wp-content/plugins/), click on plugins in the WordPress Admin area and find your new plugin, activate it. You can then change the settings to include your signature. I can do a separate tutorial on this if you need it but you should be able to find instructions on the plugin page.


Source Code


One question, I added the signature to my child themes php file and now the signature shows up on my homepage as well. What should I do to make it only show on posts not post excerpts?

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