Tumblr temporarily blocks Bloglovin from updating feeds

Bloglovin, a very popular Feed Reader for bloggers, are having some trouble this week. If you’re not familiar with Bloglovin, the site allows you to follow any blog, website or YouTube channel and receive the latest updates all in one place. When you click to read an update, you are brought to the original site which is very useful for bloggers and blog readers.

Bloglovin’ announced last week that Tumblr have blocked Bloglovin’ from accessing their users RSS Feed and displaying updates. Apparently there was a disagreement with the iframe feature and how content is displayed. An iframe is an old HTML tag that prompts browsers to render an entire site on the domain that includes the iframe, without sending the user to that URL. This feature can actually be switched on or off by the user, so when they click onto a new update a bloglovin bar is shown at the top of the browser window allowing user to navigate through their feed, share the site they’re on, like the post via Bloglovin’ etc.

tumblr block bloglovin from showing updates in feed

Tumblr blocking Bloglovin from updating means that if you follow any Tumblr blogs on Bloglovin, you won’t be seeing any updates from them and will need to manually visit the Tumblr blogs or use another Feed Reader. If you own a Tumblr blog you will no longer see traffic coming from Bloglovin, you should let your readers know of this change and suggest an alternative way to follow your blog.

At the moment Bloglovin are trying to get followers to convince Tumblr to reconsider (see Tweet below). I will update when more is announced.

Official announcement was made here. More information about the dispute can be read here.

UPDATE 12/09/2014
Bloglovin and Tumblr have made up! No details have been announced about why exactly there was a dispute or how they have resolved the issue however considering many Bloglovin users were having trouble this week with their feed while using the frame, I suspect they’ve made changes to it to get back on Tumblr’s good side.


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  1. That’s the whole reason I went ahead and deleted my tumblr account. I have a blog over on blogger so I really didn’t need it. But tumblr is going to lose a lot of business now… I bet they will bring it back.

  2. I don’t really understand the logic behind this move, though I don;t think it matters too much in the overall scheme of things.,

    1. Well it means that Tumblr Bloggers who have built up a following on Bloglovin will have to try and get their readers to follow them elsewhere, starting from the beginning. When rumours that GFC for Blogspot Bloggers might be closing down, there was uproar.

  3. I’m really glad now that I transferred my blog from Tumblr over to Blogger just over a year ago. I wasn’t happy over there anyway but when I heard Tumblr had been taken over I was worried they might do something like this so I jumped ship x

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