How to Set up Google Authorship on WordPress

setting up google authorshipOne of the big things for SEO Success in 2013 is reputation and authority. Websites are being encourage to start blogging because those creating new valuable content regularly are being recognised. Google Authorship is about claiming that content you create on your blog and is great for SEO. You may have noticed that some links in search results now have images of the author beside them. Today I will show you how to do that helping you to not only stand out in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) but adding creditability and trust. Reports have shown that it has increased click through rates. You don’t even have to be active on Google+, just take a few minutes to set up a profile and connect it to your blog using the instructions below. Blogger users, use this tutorial to set up your Google Authorship.

UpdateGoogle Authorship is dropped from search results

setting up google authorship


Steps to setting up Google Authorship

  • Set up a personal account on Google+, upload a recognisable headshot for your profile photo and fill in your details. Introduce yourself and your blog.
  • Add your blog link under the Contributor To heading in the links section.
  • Add <link rel="author" href="PROFILE URL"> to your blog between <head> and </head>, typically under your meta data before the title tags.
  • Sign up & verify your email address that is connected with your domain name.
  • If you don’t have a [email protected] address or access to the HTML you can add this instead <a href="PROFILE URL?rel=author">Google+</a> to your blog.
  • Make sure an author byline appears on each blog post. Example “Written by: Ellie M”. The byline must be the same as your Google+ name.
  • Head over to the testing tool, enter your URL and click preview. It may take a couple of days before you’re image appears in the search results and may show in different ways.

google authority

Guest Posting? Claim Your Content

If you are guest posting, you can claim that content too. Add an author box below the post with your Google+ name and add your Google+ link with ?rel=author on the end, like Then add the site you’re guest blogging on to the Contributing To section like above. That content will now be under your authority. More Google+ posts coming soon.


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  1. Hi, I don’t understand where to add the links on my blog? Is there somewhere to paste it or am I meant to paste it on each blogpost? I am confused!

    Thanks, Carolanne

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