Introducing digg reader – an alternative to google reader

new digg reader an alternative to google reader
As we all know Google Reader (for Rss feeds, not to be confused with Google Friend Connect) is being removed July 1st. Digg have just released a BETA version of their new reader which is an alternative to Google Reader. They’ve been working hard on it since the news of Googles spring clean and have been taking on feedback and wishes from Google Reader users. Digg announced that they would create something similar to Google Reader that would be clean, fast and easy to use. I wasn’t a huge fan of Google Reader, I much preferred going to the bloggers site to read new posts but I decided to try out the new Digg Reader anyways. If you sign up now, you will be emailed a link for the Beta version to try out and provide your feedback before they launch properly.

Google Reader - New Digg Reader alternativedigg reader - an alternative to google reader

Review of Digg Reader

I played around with the new reader today and first impressions have been pretty good. It has very clean layout and actually reminds me a little of Bloglovin’. It’s very easy to use and looks very organised. There’s no date for the full web release as of yet but check out the Digg blog for more details and features. You can sign up for the beta version here. Although not completely finished, Digg Reader looks promising and is already looking like the perfect alternative for Google Reader.

Features of Digg Reader

  • Use all of your favorite Google Reader keyboard shortcuts.
  • Read using either list which shows a post summary and featured thumbnail image or expanded view to see the full post.
  • Add Instapaper, Pocket, or Readability in settings to use as read later.
  • Share your Digg profile or feed by grabbing the URL in settings.
  • Browse by categories or most popular and find new blogs.
  • Add folders to organise your feed.
  • Easily transfer feeds from Google Reader.
  • App available for iPhone and iPad. App for Android will be available in July.
  • View only unread and mark as unread are coming next week.
  • Save and like options or share to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Coming Soon – search bar, browser extension, more share options, tagging, sort by options.

Have you tried Digg Reader? What do you think? Will you be using it as an alternative to Google Reader or have you already started using something else?

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