Google removing authorship photos – what does it mean for bloggers?

Google announced this week that they will be dropping author images and Google Plus Circle count from the search results pages in order to clean up the design and make it more universal across devices. I’ve talked previously about the importance of setting up Google Authorship to claim your content online and to be on Google Plus as a Blogger even if you aren’t an active user. Those who set up Authorship would occasionally see their profile photo show up in search results which lead to more clicks and views due to the added trust, creditability and helping you to stand out as an author.

UPDATEGoogle Authorship is dropped from search results

Google Authorship Update - removing author photos - what does it mean for bloggers?

What does it mean now that Google are removing Authorship Photos?

Despite the visual change, everything else will stay the same. Mark Traphagen mentioned on Google Plus that Authorship is not going anywhere, you’ll still be credited as the author, rankings won’t change and establishing yourself as the content creator is still in your benefit. In my opinion, Authorship is really important and I recommend setting it up. Here are two tutorials that will guide you through the process.

Set up Google Authorship on WordPress
Set up Google Authorship on Blogger