Free iOS7 inspired parallax wallpapers for iPhone

Stormtrooper | Glitter Leaves | Watercolour | Falling Leaves | Puppy Paws
Watercolour Eiffel Tower | Sketch Eiffel Tower | Sunshine Daisies | Polka Dot | Chevron

If you have been on Twitter over the last few days you have probably heard about Apples new update iOS7. Personally, I love the features and flat design but hate the icons, colour scheme and battery life. My old background was too busy for the new look so last night while trying to distract myself from the days events I decided to create some new iPhone wallpapers that would suit better. I wanted a simple, clean, flat design with a light background since the bottom menu bar and folders are so opaque. I got a little carried away and created ten so thought I would share them here. I have a tutorial showing how to create your own chevron wallpaper or polka dot backgrounds if you want to customise the colours. 

What one is your favourite?

I’m currently using Glitter Leaves and Sunshine Daisies. Have you downloaded iOS 7, what do you think? I’d also like to know what non iPhone users think about the new design?

Turn off parallax effect

You may have noticed your background move as your phone does. Cool feature but not very practical and a waste of battery. To turn this off go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > On.


Pretty wallpapers.
iOS 7 is ok. Its not really set up for any iphone under the 5. (visual length wise) which kind of sucks. Other than that everything else is good. The new icons are really nice.