Links for your weekend – Facebook Fraud, $50 Custom Design + Creating an ebook in 1 day

Hey everyone! Slightly different post today, I’m sharing some posts I’ve enjoyed this week that I think you’ll like too. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while now but wasn’t sure if the blog was the best place for it. My plan would be to share some helpful / interesting posts related to blogging, designing, social media, freelance, etc. that I think you might find useful as I know a lot of people work on their blog over the weekend. Is this something you’d like to see? Let me know!

    Some great reads for your weekend

  • Facebook Fraud gives an insight into why paying for Facebook Ads won’t always benefit your page. Some of the stats shown are mind-blowing! It is a year old so keep that in mind but I do think it’s worth a watch. Have you used Facebook or Twitter Ads? Have you seen improvements?
  • I’ve been wanting to write a post about the breakdown of rates for design and development projects as I’ve been getting some questions regarding why certain things cost what they do, luckily Ashley has published a similar topic called $50 Code – Less Money, More Headache. She talked about why designers / developers charge certain prices and why a custom design costs more than $50.
  • I’ve covered Google Analytics on this blog before – how to set it up, how to understand the terms and what stats to look at as a blogger, but I haven’t talked about how to use it to grow your blog. Kristie shared this great post about how to use Google Analytics to figure out what people are searching for to find your blog. This is incredibly useful as it allows you to tweak certain elements in order to increase pageviews.

    Extra Tip – it may also give you post ideas and inspire you to write about something. I’ve often got ideas this way because people will search “how to xomisse”, I know that by them including “xomisse” in their search that they are specifically looking for my blog post on the topic. I’ll often search for a beauty review, makeup look, recipe, how to style something, etc. with the name of a specific blog.

  • Always wanted to create an ebook but never have the time? Regina shares an awesome workbook showing us how to create a course in just 12 hours!!
  • Google announced that they’ll be shutting down aspects of Google Code from now until it finally closes January 2016. If you have a project in Google Code, you can migrate/export your project with Google Code Exporter.

Last week on XOMISSE

We launched some new blog designs, showed you how to turn a link into a button and discussed why you need to hire a web designer and a web developer.

Over to you

What’s been happening for you this week with your blog / business? Have you found a helpful article, course or Facebook group? Share it below! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. I really appreciated this post and have already gone over and printed Regina’s 12-Hour mini course challenge. I am usually drawn to these type of summary link posts because they give you a glimpse at how the person who wrote it thinks/explores the blogosphere. What I really liked about your post is that you included a summary of your own posts for the week – a great idea that I will be implementing from now on in my link posts. Thanks for what you do – I love what you do and how you do it:)

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your feedback. So glad you liked it! I really love these kinds of posts too as it’s nice to discover new blogs or see similar posts from a different prespective. Would love to know how you are getting on with Regina’s course?

      1. Hi Elaine! Regina is super organized and motivating. Her course has me fleshing out lots of ideas so I can really get a specific course written. I love the checklist, the templates, her videos at each step – things I’ve thought about but haven’t done! I’m really glad you linked to her – I’m already motivated – and working on something to publish/launch soon!

  2. Cool post! (I, too, have searched for “[Tutorial name] xomisse” b/c I knew I had seen the best instructions on your blog.)

    The FB thing is FASCINATING. I recently spent $5 to promote a post on our family business’s page and it was seen by almost 800 people but liked by 12–and only one-two actually liked the page. That irks me, you know? It’s also why I wouldn’t consider paying Facebook more than $5 unless it’s for something super big. But fortunately our store is so local, that this “investment” doesn’t need to be that great.

    What also bugs me is how different agencies will say, “We promoted this post for $200 and reached 5K people!” (And then their actual stats say something like, “40 Likes and 7 Comments.”) That’s cool that 5000 saw it but if you couldn’t get more than 47 people to engage w/it, then clearly you’re doing something wrong.

    Aaaanyways… Ugh Facebook: A necessary evil :$.

    1. Thanks Annie! I appreciate that 🙂 isn’t it so interesting? That is annoying, luckily you didn’t have to spend too much. I must admit I’ve never been a Facebook fan, I do have a page there for this blog but it’s mostly automated content. I much prefer to spend my time on Twitter and Pinterest where I see huge results!

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