How to get a custom URL for Google+ Profile & Page

Google announced last night that you can now get a custom URL for your Google+ Profile or Page, great news and it’s something we’ve been waiting for for a while now. Great timing for the new feature too as yesterday I posted a Beginners Guide to Google+ showing you how to set up a profile and navigate around the social networking site. I will be doing more G+ posts in the future.

If you pass certain requirements, you will be assigned a custom URL and may have the option to add onto it to make it more unique to you. To be given a custom URL, your account must be in good standing, must be at least 30 days old, must have a profile photo and must have at least 10 followers. In order to get a custom URL for a page, you must be a verified local business or be linked to a website.

Get your Custom URL

If you do meet these requirements, when you log onto your Google+ profile or page, you will notice a notification at the top of the screen. Click Get Custom URL. You can also go to the About tab > Get Link located under G+ URL. You’ll see some URLs that have been pre-approved. If you see more than one option, choose which one you prefer. Depending on the URL, you may be asked to add something to it to make it more unique to you. Once you agree to the Terms of Service and click Change URL, you’re Custom URL will be confirmed. You cannot change the URL once set. If you wish to change the capitalisation or accents, you can do so by going to the Links tab/section and editing the format of your custom URL.

Navigate around your profile

A custom URL is shorter, making it easier to remember and share your G+ link across other platforms without having to visit your account to copy the link.

Old Profile Link
New Profile Link
Old Page Link
New Page Link

You can direct people to certain areas of your G+ Profile or Page using the following URLs.


    1. Yes kind of, I’ll be discussing it in my next G+ post but basically it’s to do with Google Authorship – being the author (using your profile) and publisher (using your page) of a website to claim your content.

      1. Will keep an eye out for it. Seems FitznBitz or FitzAndBitz is unavailable as a URL…. Although it seems like no1 else has it… hmphfff. 🙁

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