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Hello lovely readers, I thought I would do a bit of an update just to tell you about some recent changes around here and fill you in on a few things since the site is now a month old – yay!

New Website & Feedback

You probably haven’t noticed, but I completely re-did this site from scratch using the Genesis framework last week. I’ve made it look pretty much exactly the same but it *should* function better…I’ll let you be the judge. Please let me know if you are having any problems with the site or anything like that. I would also love some feedback on the current design. What do you like/dislike? What would you like to see differently?

A big thank you

I want to say a huge thank you to you all for the support. This site has been open for four weeks and has already had thousands of unique visitors so thank you so much. I pretty much started from scratch with this website in terms of followers and views but you have all helped me share it around and let people know that I’ve moved so thank you. I also appeared as #13 in up and coming blogs on bloglovin’ last week which is amazing. I just love when people share this blog on social media sites and really appreciate all of the love in emails, comments and tweets. You have no idea how much it means to me and it really motivates me to do more. I love creating helpful content and emailing/tweeting back and forth with advice. I’m always open to requests and feedback so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Custom Design Orders

Custom orders will be reopened in the next week. I’m just putting some finishing touches on other projects first so that I can concentrate fully on designs and such. You can see a full list of the services offered here. I will be running on a first come first served basis and there will be limited numbers per month so make sure to get your order in early.

Blog Design Shop

Opening a design shop has been on my to-do list for years now. I have been testing out options for over a month but haven’t come across something that I am 100% happy with. I spent the last couple of days intensively customising each option as much as possible and have finally settled on one. So I am happy to announce the opening of xomisse blog design shop where you will find templates, social media icons, headers, backgrounds, buttons and everything else needed to customise your blog. I have a couple of items there already just to start of but I plan to add lots more. I will also have some WordPress themes available too.

Let me know if there’s anything specific you would like to see in the shop. Thanks so much for reading, tweeting and following. Don’t forget to follow on Bloglovin’ and twitter for updates. Hope you are all having a nice day, Ellie xo


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