Core Values

  1. Transparency – I pride myself on complete transparency, and will not recommend anything I don’t believe in.
  2. Quality – I am committed to creating beautiful, simple to use, functional sites that focus on your user’s experience.
  3. Goal oriented – I work strategically with clients to achieve a goal, instead of delivering cookie cutter solutions.
  4. Value relationships – I believe that our work together is a collaboration, which is why I prefer building a long-term relationship with a handful of clients so we can work on growing your business throughout the years.
  5. Friendly – My approach is to be helpful and accessible. I want to make sure you understand everything and feel like there are no silly questions. I love seeing you succeed, so I am here to guide you through the tech-side of running a blog or business.

I am fully dedicated to supporting Black Lives Matter, pro-choice, LGBTQIA+, anti-bullying and domestic violence. This website, my social media platforms, community groups and email list is a safe and welcoming place for all. If you don’t share my values, then my platforms may not be for you.


  1. To learn and to teach – I want to share everything I know so that my readers can benefit from my experience, but also create a space where my audience can share too. So that we can all grow our online spaces together.
  2. To create – My favourite thing to do is create content, and I’m dedicated to doing that in one way or another everyday. I want to continue sharing free content that helps others.
  3. To empower – I want to empower others, especially womxn, in this industry to build their own space and tackle the tech-side of running a blog or business.
  4. To connect – To build an anti-racist, diverse and inclusive community of people who are kind and generous with their knowledge, time and resources. While ensuring that I am creating safe spaces for everybody who is part of my community.
  5. To grow – When it comes to my clients, my mission is to allow you to easily manage your site and content while increasing traffic to your blog and sales in your business through strategic design and SEO services.


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