My mission and values

  1. To learn and to teach – I want to share everything I know so that my readers can benefit from my experience, but also create a space where my audience can share too. So that we can all grow our online spaces together.
  2. To create – My favourite thing to do is create content, and I’m dedicated to doing that in one way or another everyday. I want to continue sharing free content that helps others.
  3. To empower – I want to empower others, especially womxn, in this industry to build their own space and tackle the tech-side of running a blog or business.
  4. To connect – To build an anti-racist, diverse and inclusive community of people who are kind and generous with their knowledge, time and resources. While ensuring that I am creating safe spaces for everybody who is part of my community.

I am dedicated to supporting Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA+, anti-bullying and domestic violence (resources for these coming soon). If you don’t share my values, then my platforms may not be the space for you.


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