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online-alternatives-to-photoshopEarlier in the week I posted about the alternatives to Photoshop that can be downloaded for Mac and Windows. Today’s post is a list of some free alternatives for Photoshop that are available online within your browser, incase you don’t want to download a program or need to quickly edit an image. These alternatives are free for basic edits although some offer premium services with more features. Make sure your browsers flash plugin is up to date as that’s what most of these run on.

Pixlr_Editor - alternatives to photoshop online
Allows you to open a new image with layers and gives the same crop,rotate, selection and gradient tools as Photoshop but lacks the creative effects of photoshop that would be involved in creating graphics and design elements. Has a good list of filters & adjustments however so I think it’s nice for bloggers to quickly adjust photos. Pixlr Editor is available here.

Pixlr_Express - alternatives to photoshop online
Pixlr Express allows you crop, rotate and resize. It has a couple of effects, overlays, borders and allows you to add text. Would be good for quick touchups for blogging.

Pixlr-o-matic - alternatives to photoshop online
Pixlr-o-matic is an instagram inspired editor. Giving you effects, overlays, borders and such to give a vintage type feel to your photos.

Fotor - alternatives to photoshop online
Foter allows you to edit photos, apply adjustments, add effects, frames, clip art, retouching and create collages. Can also be downloaded on iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

PicMonkey- alternatives to photoshop online
PicMonkey is quite a popular choice, allowing you to apply adjustments, add effects, clip art, retouching, create collages and upgrade for more features.

BeFunky - alternatives to photoshop online
BeFunky allows adjustments, effects, filters, clip art, collages, etc and is very similar to PicMonkey.

ribbet - alternatives to photoshop online
Ribbet lets you add effects, perform touch ups and do some basic editing. Visually the interface isn’t the best but if working on a larger screen it shouldn’t be too bad.

FotoFlexer - alternatives to photoshop online
FotoFlexer lets you edit, adjust hue and saturation, apply effects and text, fix blemishes, smoothen the skin and add multiple images.

LunaPic - alternatives to photoshop online
LunaPic lets you edit and apply adjustments to your image. It also let you apply frames, borders, buttons, clip art, etc and create gif like animations with effects.

SumoPaint - alternatives to photoshop online
SumoPaint is pretty similar to photoshop but with only a couple of adjustments, effects & filters. Can upgrade to a pro account.

Photoshop Express - alternatives to photoshop online
Photoshop Express is a free basic version of Photoshop available online from Adobe allowing you to resize, crop, rotate as well as offering white balance alterations, exposure, saturation, touchups and effects. My favorite effect here is the pop color. You select an area, everywhere else turns grayscale leaving just a “pop of colour” which you can then alter. It’s the quickest way I’ve ever come across doing this (while giving proper results). It has an easy interface and it’s nice to navigate around. Photoshop Express allows you to save on computer, account, flickr, photobucket, Facebook. I think this is a great option for bloggers who need to quickly touch up photos.

Rollip - alternatives to photoshop online
Rollip is quite similar to Pixlr-o-matic and not really a Photoshop alternative but it’s an online editor and is just like Instagram without the sharing feature. It offers 40 filters/effects similar to those that you’d see on Instagram. Doesn’t offer customise adjustments however, but creates nice vintage effects and it’s so simply to use.

Alternatives to Photoshop for Mac and Windows

View the alternatives to Photoshop that can be downloaded for OS Mac and Windows.

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  1. says

    Such convenient tools to start off. Ideal for image specialist, photo enthusiast and even Web designers who find it more creative to work on their creations online. I would definitely recommend these to my friends whose jobs are related to pictures and editing. By the way, hope you could post online tools as well that could help out videographers and editors. Thanks and more power!

  2. rajib says

    Thanks a lot for this great resource. I was looking for some online photo editing tools which I can use instead of Photoshop, And you gave me those tools. You made my day!

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